Wayforward-Minimal (Deeper, Not Harder)


(Deeper, Not Harder)

---->>djLapCore_WayForwardMinimal.mp3<<----download here (125.8 MB)
---->>djLapCore_WayForwardMinimal.mp3<<----download here (125.8 MB)


	djLapCore, 6i Musik, and eTHERbiTS proudly present 

episode 12: WayForward-Minimal (Deeper, Not Harder)

Happy 4th of July!

Here's a hot and sweaty, bumpen-sticky, summer celebration of a mix for your enjoyment....
I realize it's been awhile, thanks for your patience.  In the meantime I've been busy
getting Aetherbits.net on it's feet. 

(Both of which feature significantly my new invention: the Hurricane Polyphonic Video Synthesizer)
[ more on the Hurricane in due time 8-) ]

Since it's been so long, I decided to make an extra long mix for y'all: this one clocks in at a hefty 91 minutes.
This time featuring my all-time favorite composer, and the human being who has inspired me more than any other:
Robert Ashley.  Long live the avant [WHOA!]
 . . . . . . . BUT 
         . . . . . . . BE WARNED!      . . . . this mix contains


courtesy of UBUWEB
well, shit. enough with the prologue, i think it's only spiderfood anyway. (did you read this? send me an email if you did!) Long live the avant-garde! [coo-coo]






chris: WayForward-Techno
Robert Ashley : giving me something to aspire to
paula: for organizing the un-organizable, funding the un-fundable, and putting up with the un-put-up-with-able
sonja: cooking things in my kitchen!
gregorio: for finding grill-sausages at the most impossible moments! [MEGA-LEISTUNG!]
denis + mariela: for not killing me
lucy: the most faithful girl i have *ever* known
pepe: for keeping me socially networked with *actual* people
Familie Haas
yorick: for the great documentary skills (easily worth the 25,000 euros)
Wolfi: graphic cards on loan (super-cool!)
jj: for being on the island when I need you there!  8-)
Andre Vida & Lewis Keller: line_code !!! 
Leslie: for cancelling that trip i didn't want to make to mexico!!
frisky back: being frisky!
Alex Cox:  suppose you're thinking about a plate of shrimp...
Tobias: Luzenkirchen mix 0408 (geil!)
our families!
@ everybody who downloads from LapCore.org: i love you all!!

.....................................................;.....    |K<


Robert Ashley link dump:

******* ******* *******Music With its Roots in the Aether (is now online!!!!) ******* Sonic Arts Union******* Lovely Music******* The Guests go In to supper.******* ONCE Festival******* Interview from 1979******* Art of the States*******



Track Listing
__Track__ __Artist__ __Remixer__ __Label__
Summer Ceremony Paul Ritch Resopal Schallware
Purposeful Lady Slow Afternoon Robert Ashley Sonic Arts Union @ UBUWEB
Spastik Plastikman, Dubfire Dubfire Minus
City Tales Booka Shade Neon Get Physical Music
afterhour is the pusher Tobias Luetzenkirchen Energie In Bestform Recordings
Red Tuna Benno Blome Sender Records
Quake Tok Tok BPitch Control
Wind-up Bird LapCore 6i Musik ***EXCLUSIVE***
Nylon Smile Portishead Island Records
Peak Red Satoshi Fumi forcetracks
Odd Job (Rhythm Box) Phoenecia Schematic
D.I.S.C.O. Dabruck & Klein Superstar Recordings
Rumburak Benno Blome Sender Records
Apology For Chrissy LapCore 6i Musik ***EXCLUSIVE***
I Feel Speed Booka Shade, Dubfire Dubfire Minus
it_can_be_(BASIC[RMX]) LapCore, Rob Acid LapCore 6i Musik ***EXCLUSIVE***
Peak Red Satoshi Fumi Hypnotech Mix forcetracks
It Sounds Like DBN, Duck&Dog DBN's Elektrash rmx Delicious Garden Recordings
Alternating Currency line_code 6i Musik ***EXCLUSIVE***